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Neuroscience Sales Keynote Speaker

A good salesperson knows how to sell. A great salesperson knows Why the Brain Buys.

Marketing and sales techniques powered by Neuroscience and Psychology are sweeping through the business world. Based on three decades of research into how consumers make decisions, Neuroscientists have provided new answers to challenges faced by salespeople and marketers across all industries.

2+ million people have learned Dr. Terry Wu’s insights into buying decisions on Big Think, TED Talk, and CNBC.
Neuromarketing Keynote Speaker

Keynote Topics on Neuro Selling and Neuromarketing

Dr. Wu will demonstrate to your audience how to improve their sales and marketing by applying scientific principles. Audiences will learn new tactics through highly relatable examples and take away actionable ideas.

Empower Marketing and Sales with Neuroscience

In 2019, Dr. Terry Wu, a recognized thought leader in this new field, spoke at a TED event in Minnesota. His 18-minute talk condensed what he has learned in 30 years as a Neuroscientist and marketing expert into an easy-to-understand introduction to these new concepts.

400,000+ people around the world have watched Dr. Wu’s TED Talk on consumers’ buying decisions.

This TED Talk has reached business leaders and marketers across the globe. It will show you the power of Neuromarketing and help you understand why it is disrupting the traditional marketing and branding industry.

Energize and Inform Your Leaders and Team

Dr. Wu is one of very few Neuromarketing and Sales speakers who is a seasoned Neuroscientist. He has been applying Neuroscience insights to work for his clients for nearly 20 years. In keynote speeches and presentations at business conferences and corporate training events, he helps business leaders and professionals understand the Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing.

Some snake oil salesmen rebranded their fear-based sales tactics and falsely claimed that they could find the “Buy Button” in your customers’ brains.

Some authors and speakers have noticed the Neuromarketing trend. Now, those “experts” are writing books and speaking about these new concepts with little understanding of the science. In talks and workshops, they are cashing in on this exciting, emerging trend. There is a great deal of misleading information. Dr. Wu wants to help you cut through the hype and misinformation and get the facts you need.

Neuro Sales Keynote Speaker
Explore How the Brain Makes Buying Decisions

Where trial-and-error and guesswork once guided companies in presenting their products and services, science is now showing them what truly works and why.

Do you know how Amazon applies Neuromarketing techniques to persuade its customers to buy?

Other companies, like Google, Apple, Walmart, and Coca Cola, have also relied on Neuroscience, instead of sketchy, anecdotal evidence, in driving up their revenues.

Dr. Wu’s audiences learn how the brain makes decisions on emotional and intuitive grounds, rather than after logical analysis of details.

Each talk is illustrated with examples from research studies and offers clues about how these methods can be employed to improve sales, kick up conversion rates, and boost revenues.

Dr. Wu earned his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University. His 35+ years of extensive experience as a Neuroscientist and 20+ years as a sales and marketing leader make him a unique resource. He owns the only Midwest Neuromarketing firm run by a Neuroscientist and consults with companies in all business sectors to help them apply Neuromarketing and Neuroscience-based Sales strategies. He helps them compete successfully in today’s marketplace.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker
Neuroscience Marketing Sales Keynote Speaker Terry Wu’s depth of knowledge in the area of Neuromarketing is incredible. Terry shares his expertise from a strategic approach and a healthy dose of common sense ensuring his insight is immediately understandable and applicable. Terry’ presentation style is down-to-earth and engaging. The depth of his knowledge and confidence in his subject matter shine through. Terry drew one of our largest crowds at our event. We received amazing feedback after his presentation. Hillary Feder, Host, Business Leaders Breakfast Forum
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