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The Neuroscience of Leadership

Great leaders know not only how to lead, but also Why the Brain Follows.

The Coronavirus crisis has changed our lives and our workplaces profoundly. Almost all companies need to respond to the short-term emergency, while at the same time planning for an unpredictable future. There will be plenty of change and uncertainty.

Neuroscience Leadership Keynote Speaker

The uncertainty and unpredictability present the biggest challenge to leaders. At the same time, this is the moment when true leaders stand out.

Keynote: Transform Your Leadership with Neuroscience

Who do leaders decide to lead? Why do followers decide to follow? Having answers to these two crucial questions will be transformative to you and your team. Scientific research has given us many insights into what makes people follow and what decision blind spots we have.

Traditional leadership development is based on anecdotes and personalities. There is little science behind what it teaches.

Very often, trainers and speakers give misleading information that is contradicted by science. As a result, leaders were ill-prepared to face challenges brought on by the pandemic. Widespread failures happened at all levels. Those trainers and speakers were just as clueless as to what to do when the pandemic hit.

Learning Objectives: Get answers to:

Powerful Takeaways:

In this content-rich, science-backed keynote, you will identify the brain structures that are involved in human emotions, memories and decisions. You will find out how unconscious emotions can influence our decisions. You will discover why humans follow the crowd to feel safe.

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Harness the Power of Science

Leadership training has been based on anecdotes and individual experiences. Speakers copy each other’s ideas and recycle them. There is a lot of fluff, but little science or applicable takeaways. You have heard how important it is to “listen,” “build trust,” “follow your gut,” “show empathy,” etc. But in reality, these abstract concepts don’t translate into actions.

Based on his extensive research on the Neuroscience of Human Behavior, Dr. Wu will explain how the brain follows certain paths in making decisions and choices. His keynote speech will enlighten you with easy-to-understand Neuroscience insights as well as proven practices that you can implement immediately.

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Neuroscience of Leadership Speaker If you have not heard Dr. Terry Wu speak you are missing out. I had the distinct pleasure to hear Terry speak and I was blown away. Terry presented an entirely new set of information to me and in a way that I and the entire audience could clearly understand and apply. As an expert in the field he knows his stuff really well. More importantly he presents it in such a nice way that everyone appreciates his interactive, educational, fun and humorous style. I highly recommend Dr. Terry Wu as a speaker to help you understand and to apply neuromarketing for your firm, association, or society. Mike Gregory, MBA, National Speakers Association Speaker Academy Teacher, Founder of The Collaboration Effect
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