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Apply the Neuroscience of Marketing

2 million+ people have watched Dr. Terry Wu speak about Neuromarketing on Big Think, TED Talk and CNBC.

Neuroscience research on how the brain makes decisions is having a huge impact on marketing and advertising. Neuromarketing is a disruptive force that is making traditional tactics obsolete. Your corporate executive and marketing teams need to understand how industry giants like Amazon and Google are harnessing its power.

Neuromarketing Keynote Speaker

Every year, 9 out of 10 new products fail. Over one hundred billion dollars are wasted on marketing. It is because traditional marketers fail to pay attention to consumer emotional experiences. Now, you can create a better experience for your customers with the guidance of Neuromarketing.

Keynote: Neuromarketing ~ Outsmart Your Competition

Neuromarketing is a scientific approach to understanding consumers’ decision-making. It pays close attention to the role of emotion, intuition and impulse in making buying decisions.

In this science-based, content-rich keynote, you will develop an understanding of how emotions influence buying decisions. You will recognize the irrational behavioral patterns of consumers. You will identify what makes them buy.

Learning Objectives ~ Get answers to:

Powerful Takeaways:

To get a preview of what audiences discover in this sharply-honed presentation, watch Dr. Wu’s TED Talk.

In less than 18 minutes, he goes to the heart of the Neuroscience of marketing. This TED talk has received glowing recommendations from marketing experts and Neuroscientists around the world.

That’s just the beginning. There’s much more to be learned from his expanded keynote-length presentation.

Keynote Speaker: The Neuroscience of Marketing

Dr. Terry Wu has 35+ years of experience as an accomplished Neuroscientist and 20+ years as an experienced marketing leader. His science-based marketing consulting has helped companies in all business sectors achieve remarkable revenue growth.

At business conferences, workshops and corporate events, he empowers his audiences with the new Science of Decisions.

Dr. Wu’s audiences discover answers to many questions about this new and growing field. His talk presents actionable ideas and proven examples. After hearing this presentation, many have said that they applied insights learned from Dr. Wu with positive results.

His skill at making complex science relatable and actionable is second to none. He teaches business leaders and marketers how to “Think Outside the Box by Getting into the Brain.”

The knowledge shared has motivated tens of thousands to explore this new scientific approach further.

Neuromarketing Keynote Speaker

Neuromarketing Keynote and Workshop Speaker

Few speakers on Neuromarketing have the combined expertise in both Neuroscience and marketing. Too many speakers just re-brand outdated fear-based sales tactics and bring up discredited ideas about a “buy button” in the brain. Without a background in both Neuroscience and marketing, it’s impossible to convey complex research and clearly relate it to what truly matters in business.

His audiences always feel inspired by the scientific knowledge he shares and are eager to apply it in their work.

Dr. Wu brings real science and practical tactics to the stage and communicates their powerful relationship to his audiences brilliantly. His Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University and his success in running a premier Midwest Neuromarketing company mean that his audiences receive tested, proven techniques they can take to the bank.

Neuroscience of Marketing Speaker
Neuroscience Marketing Workshop Keynote Speaker Terry Wu spoke at one of our Accelerated Global Connections events and shared his message on “Neuromarketing – Outsmart Your Competition.” Terry has a relaxed approach to sharing a thought-provoking message. His content is solid, and his delivery is seamless. Terry’s presentation is one of my favorites given at an AGC event. I recommend you consider Terry Wu for your next keynote! – Travis Sims, Founder and CEO, Accelerated Global Connections
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