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The Science of Color

We live in a very colorful world. Color affects our senses, perceptions, and emotions with little of our awareness. Its associations with products and brands exist in our subconscious minds. It affects our experiences, judgments and decisions with little of our awareness.

In business, choosing the wrong color can be very expensive. Remember the blue cola by Pepsi, clear beer by Miller, and purple ketchup by Heinz?
Color Neuroscience Speaker

Color is very complicated because the human eyes can see millions of them. Choosing the right one out of millions is like playing the lottery. Your chance of winning is very low if you follow your own personal preference. However, you can rely on a growing body of science to help you choose your winning color.

Keynote: Choosing Your Winning Color

Many big household brands, including Pepsi, Heinz and Miller Brewing Company, have lost a lot of money because they chose the wrong colors for their products. In contrast, many companies, including Google, Pfizer, Amazon, Procter and Gamble, and Skittles, have used color to enhance their customers’ experiences and maximize their revenues.

From this science-based, content-rich keynote, you will explore what science has discovered about the impacts of color on our perceptions, emotions and decisions. You will examine costly business failures because of wrong choices for products and packaging. You will see why following science is better than following fads.

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Powerful Takeaways:

Too often in business, the decision on color choices is made based on personal preference instead of science. That often results in costly mistakes.

Neuroscience of Sales Keynote Speaker

The Neuroscience of Color Keynote Speaker

In his Neuromarketing research, Dr. Wu realized that color plays such an important role in influencing consumers’ buying decisions and choosing the wrong color in business is very expensive. In his work, he helps his clients make smart choices by harnessing the power of science. Through speaking, he inspires his audiences to better understand the impact of color on human perceptions, emotions and decisions.

Great content, delivery and kept everyone engaged while having it humorous! Very impressive. ~ Judson Meyers

In January of 2022, Dr. Wu delivered this keynote talk at the COLOR22 Conference in San Diego. The talk was extremely well received. Color experts from all industries kept talking about this keynote weeks after the conference.

Terry gave an entertaining and educational keynote. He looks like a professor but quickly had us laughing in the aisles. I learned a lot about the psychology of color – especially as it relates to food. Thanks so much for your knowledge and enjoyable presentation style. ~ Don Hutcheson
It was a brilliant presentation that became more memorable by the entertaining way you used to deliver it. ~ Juergen Roesch
Neuroscience of Color Speaker
Color Science Speaker Terry’s keynote speech at our COLOR22 Conference was truly a big hit. His storytelling style is fun and entertaining. He makes complex Neuroscience so easy to understand for non-scientists. We received so much positive feedback from our audience both at and after the conference. We were so pleased to have him as our keynote speaker. I highly recommend Terry to any conference organizer who is looking for a speaker who delivers unique, neuroscience-based content. – Joe Marin, COLOR22 Conference Organizer, and Senior VP, PRINTING United Alliance
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