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Dr. Terry Wu ~ Leadership and Sales Speaker

Dr. Wu received his Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Duke University for his research on eye movements. He earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University, focusing on research into learning and memory.

He then began a 20-year career in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. In 2003, he began studying Google’s algorithms for ranking websites. He built one of the first two Minnesota marketing firms specializing in Search Engine Optimization.

Neuroscience Marketing Keynote Speaker

As search engine ranking algorithms evolved, Dr. Wu realized that top rankings only work when conversion is high. In his research into boosting online conversion, he recognized the importance of understanding consumers’ decision-making through Neuroscience.

Over the last 20 years, growing Neuroscience research has provided new insights into how the brain makes buying decisions.

That knowledge gave birth to Neuromarketing. With his extensive knowledge and experience in multiple scientific disciplines, Dr. Wu helps his clients’ businesses grow revenues rapidly by uncovering their customers’ buying behavior.

Today, his company, Neuromarketing Services, based in Minneapolis St. Paul in Minnesota, is the only Neuromarketing firm led by a Neuroscientist in the Midwest. Many businesses and organizations have invited Dr. Wu to introduce the concept of Neuromarketing to their teams.

From Sales and Marketing to Leadership

When the pandemic first hit in 2020, the world witnessed a leadership crisis. Leaders scrambled to seek guidance but found none. Those know-it-all celebrity leaders, authors, and speakers were just as clueless. How did the multi-billion dollar leadership development and training industry fail to prepare leaders to face such an unexpected challenge?

After extensive research, Dr. Wu discovered two fundamental flaws in leadership training and development.

All speakers and authors focus on teaching leaders how to lead with rare anecdotes and unverifiable stories. Few understand why people follow from a scientific perspective.

Through his effort to reveal the science of why people follow, Dr. Wu has developed a new Neuroscience-powered framework that centers on creating a sense of control, predictability, and progress for followers. His framework has resonated with leaders of all levels because of its solid foundation in science.

Neuroscience Sales Keynote Speaker

Sharing Neuroscience with the Business Community

In 2021, Dr. Wu was featured exclusively in an episode of the “Your Brain on Money” series by Big Think. In the program, he explained how stress impacts buying decisions by reducing impulse control. He provided simple, actionable ideas to help consumers to reduce stress and keep their buying habits from harming their finances and well-being. Over 1 million people around the world have watched this program.

The warm reception that his presentations received led Dr. Wu to create and refine his keynote and workshop presentations.

In 2019, Dr. Wu had the honor of delivering a TEDx talk in Blaine, Minnesota. His 18-minute talk succinctly summarized the intersection of Neuroscience and Marketing. It has become viral on YouTube. Many universities’ MBA programs use his talk as part of their curriculum.

Neuroscience Marketing Keynote Speaker
Laurie Staiger We had the great fortune to have Dr. Terry Wu as a featured speaker for our chamber of commerce. Terry’s depth of knowledge on how the mind works when making buying decisions was fascinating. The real-life stories Terry spoke on demonstrated how minor shifts can impact the buying process. As a result of his presentation, our chamber hired him as a consultant to help us increase membership sales. Working with Terry was a great experience that resulted in a more interesting and informative website, better member-facing communications and a better sales process. With Terry’s recommendations, we implemented a new sales program which resulted in two new membership sales in the first two weeks. Terry is very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with for our business. Laurie Staiger, President, Woodbury Chamber of Commerce
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