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The Neuroscience of Selling and Marketing

Without a solid understanding of Why Consumers Buy, you leave winning or losing a sale to chance.

There are tens of thousands of sales and marketing speakers. What is the most common thing they share? They try very hard to teach you how to sell. However, they lack an understanding of why the brain makes buying decisions.

Neuroscience Sales Keynote Speaker

Traditional sales training is based on anecdotes, instead of science. That’s why it is hit-and-miss and often falls far short of achieving desired goals. Sales trainers and speakers primarily talk about their personal buying and selling experiences. Their interpretations of their own experiences are very subjective. What they teach is simply not applicable in the real world.

Keynote: The Neuroscience of Selling

Now, it is time to focus on what Neuroscience has taught us about how consumers make buying decisions. Armed with science, you can count on predictable and reliable improvements in performance.

Over the past 2-3 decades, extensive Neuroscience research has demonstrated that almost 95% of all buying decisions are driven by unconscious emotions. Subtle and even invisible factors can have a strong influence on what consumers buy. If your sales team ignores the latest science, you’re falling behind your competitors.

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Audiences don’t just learn why and how the brain works. They learn proven ways to use that knowledge in every sales opportunity.

Powerful Takeaways

Dr. Wu calls on his research and reveals what is overlooked by traditional sales training. He doesn’t just teach your team how to sell; he explains the role the unconscious brain has in buying decisions.

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Keynote Speaker: Sell More with Neuroscience

Research into consumer decision-making has demonstrated that most anecdote-based sales techniques are simply worthless. If something works once or twice, it is likely due to random luck. Only with science, we know with confidence what works consistently.

Dr. Wu is a highly respected keynote speaker on the Neuroscience of Selling. Plus, he is a seasoned Neuroscientist.

His has spent 35+ years in the field of Neuroscience. He also has 20+ years of experience in running a marketing consulting company. His combined knowledge from multiple disciplines gives him rare and unique insights into consumer behavior and experience.

His keynote speech on the Neuroscience of Sales and his workshop presentations provide salespeople proven, science-based techniques.

In 2019, Dr. Wu delivered a TED Talk in Minnesota which compressed what he has learned into a powerful 18-minute presentation. It’s a clear demonstration of his skills at integrating scientific research and practical advice.

Neuroscience Sales Neuromarketing Speaker

Trainer and Speaker: The Neuroscience of Sales

There are tens of thousands of speakers who offer sales training. However, Most base their talks on personal experience, anecdotal information and what they learned from other speakers. What they have to say is subjective, instead of being based on proven scientific principles.

There is plenty of recycled content, with nothing original.

Almost all sales speakers say the same things and just change the labels. They focus on conscious consumer behavior, questions to ask, handling rejection, and concepts like value propositions. Sometimes those things work, but mostly they don’t.

When it works or doesn’t work, it is impossible to figure out whether it is random luck or something else.

As a highly accomplished Neuroscientist and experienced marketing expert, Dr. Wu uses scientific research and time-tested psychological principles to show why almost 95% of purchase decisions are based on unconscious emotional reactions. In his presentations, he provides concrete evidence and examples of how sales teams can apply that research to improve sales percentages. Audience members sing Dr. Wu’s praises and relate how he has helped them become more successful.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker
Neuroscience of Selling Keynote Speaker The thing that most intrigued me about Dr. Terry Wu from the moment I first met him is his passion and his wisdom, gained by 30+ years of work in the field of Neuroscience. For nearly 20 years, he has been applying his deep understanding of the brain in every aspect of his company’s marketing services – Neuromarketing. As a public speaker, Terry is the real deal – if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, he has an amazingly great story. His well-researched work is bringing new marketplace thinking to the world. Dan Prosser, Business Leader and Best-Selling Author
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