Neuroscience of Sales and Leadership Training

Neuroscience-Powered Leadership Training Workshop

In this workshop, Dr. Wu unpacks how leadership is intertwined with stress, motivation, and belonging.

Dr. Wu teaches leaders a new, easy-to-implement framework to guide their decisions. Unlike other leadership trainers and speakers, he empowers leaders with the Science of Why People Follow.

The widespread leadership failures after the pandemic hit serve as the strongest evidence that traditional leadership training and development didn’t adequately prepare leaders to face such a challenge. Outdated, flawed principles and skills built on unique anecdotes have become irrelevant. Science-proven ideas are necessary to give leaders a fresh lens to handle the new reality.

Great leaders know not only how to lead but also Why People Follow.

Traditional leadership training and development borrowed most of its principles from Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Those principles provide an oversimplified way to look at the dynamics of human behavior. For nearly a century, there has been no shortage of spin-off ideas. However, few touch on the science behind social behavior in a hierarchy.

The lack of scientific evidence in leadership training and development contributed to its embarrassing failure during the pandemic.

Workshop: Apply Neuroscience to Empower Leadership

Leadership training and development is no longer about what works but what is popular. Start with why, don’t hide your vulnerability, demonstrate your authenticity, build to last, and change your mindset. Fads are never in short supply.

Trainers and speakers substitute evidence with anecdotes, personalities, and even fables.

Now, the pandemic is behind us. However, the same leadership speakers, trainers, and authors bring back the same old worthless content that failed miserably. Leaders will be more ill-prepared to face the next big challenge.

In this Neuroscience-driven workshop, Dr. Wu brings you the latest scientific discoveries to explain and predict leaders’ and followers’ behavioral patterns and their complex interplay.

Having answers to these crucial questions will be transformative for you and your team. Scientific research has given us many insights into what makes people follow and what decision blind spots we have.

Learning Objectives: Get answers to:

Powerful Takeaways:

In this content-rich, science-backed workshop, you will practice a new scientific framework that centers on making people feel safe and motivated. You will find out how unconscious emotions can influence our decisions. You will discover why humans follow the crowd to feel belonging.

Harness the Power of Science

Traditional leadership training relies on anecdotes and individual experiences. Speakers copy and recycle each other’s ideas. There is a lot of fluff but little science or applicable takeaways. You have heard how important it is to “listen,” “build trust,” “follow your gut,” “show empathy,” etc. But in reality, these abstract concepts don’t translate into meaningful actions.

This workshop can be scaled based on your needs and budget. Its length ranges from half a day to two full days.

Based on his extensive research on the Neuroscience of Human Behavior, Dr. Wu will explain how the brain follows specific paths in making decisions and choices. His one-of-a-kind workshop enlightens participants with easy-to-understand, profound Neuroscience insights and proven practices.

Keynote Speaker
Charles Gitzen Dr. Wu, You did an incredible job in bringing such refreshing insights that are invaluable in dealing with our current challenges. I heard from many of those in attendance that they really enjoyed your presentation and it gave them a new way of looking at some of the things that are taking place in our society. I also spoke to several people who said that they could have listened to you for another hour. Personally, I found it inspiring. The fact that it is based on science made it all the more impactful. All leaders should learn the knowledge that you shared with us. I can’t wait to invite you back in the near future. Charles Gitzen, President, Roseville Optimist Club
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