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Neuro Sales Speaker – Selling on Emotion

The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. Emotions are running high. Consumers are experiencing a lot of fear and stress. For business leaders, marketers and salespeople, this crisis has provided a rare opportunity to understand how emotions influence consumer behavior.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker

How a company adapts to the fast-changing marketplace matters to a its survival during this crisis and its growth during the recovery.

Understanding the Link between Emotion and Memory

Neuroscience research has demonstrated that human decisions are shaped by emotions and memories. There are two crucial brain structures that are closely involved in regulating emotions and storing memories. The Amygdala is associated with fear and aggression. It keeps us from danger and pain. The Hippocampus is responsible for long-term memories. It allows us to learn to avoid pain and to seek pleasure.

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How these two structures communicate has a lot to do with why those highly emotional memories last a long time. If your business would like to use a new branding message to create good, lasting memories in your customers’ minds, now is the time because of their heightened emotions.

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When consumers are fearful and retreating into the survival mode, the last thing they care about is what you sell. They overreact to bad news. They are on high alert to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Emotions serve to minimize our exposure to pain. If your message helps customers avoid threats and danger, they will connect with your brand at an emotional level. Even better, your marketing message will last longer in your customers’ memories.

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In his talk, “Understanding Consumers’ Emotional Decisions During a Crisis,” Dr. Terry Wu will guide you to apply Neuroscience to your sales and marketing during these trying times. His scientific insights will help you not only survive this crisis, but also thrive during the recovery. He will inform you about the Neuroscience behind human emotions and memories. He will help you understand and observe irrational consumer behavior. You will take away many actionable ideas that help your business adjust and adapt to the new norm.

Neuroscience SEO Workshop Speaker If you want to really understand the consumer’s mind and how they make decisions, you need to invite Terry Wu to speak about the Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing. Terry will demonstrate how your actions can influence the consumer decision-making process. He educates his audiences with real-life examples and relatable scientific studies. Terry has opened up a new way to impact your customers’ perceptions of your brand, your products and your services. Too many business leaders, marketers and salespeople focus on the rational decision, while in reality, most of consumer decisions are dependent on emotions, as Terry shows convincingly using Neuroscience evidence. His concepts take you a step further and help you get inside a consumer’s mind – and get there before they have made their decision! Terry’s insights can take your business to the next level of performance. Craig Espelien, President, 1201 Partners
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