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Speaker on the Neuroscience of Leadership and Sales

Dr. Terry Wu teaches the Neuroscience of Why People Buy and Why People Follow in a highly engaging and entertaining style.

Dr. Wu turns complex science into actionable insights that salespeople, marketers, and leaders can apply in the real world. He shares his unique scientific knowledge through his interactive and fun workshops and keynotes nationwide. He equips leaders, salespeople, and marketing professionals with proven tools to produce more successful results.

Successful companies, including Amazon, Google, and Apple, are thriving. What’s their secret? They understand why customers buy. You can take advantage of what they know to outsmart your competition.

Traditional sales trainers and speakers focus on how to sell but know little about Why People Buy. They cherry-pick anecdotes and stories but lack scientific insights.
Neuroscience Leadership Sales Keynote Speaker

Over the last 2-3 decades, the most successful companies have relied on science to turbocharge their sales and marketing. you can better understand what influences your customers’ buying behavior through growing knowledge about the brain’s decision-making process. You can master the most powerful sales techniques and skills.

Traditional leadership trainers and speakers focus on how to lead but know little about Why People Follow. They make up stories and misinterpret complex human behaviors.

The leadership training and development industry hasn’t come up with any new insights for decades, even though advances in Neuroscience have offered a new lens to explain and predict behaviors. Dr. Wu has built a new framework that centers on the interaction of leaders’ and followers’ behavioral patterns. He offers a breath of fresh air to leadership training and development.

Are you tired of chasing fads like VUCA, Vulnerability, Why, Authenticity, and Empathy?

Have you noticed that most leadership speakers and trainers recycle the same content? Have you ever doubted if the personal stories told by leadership speakers are true?

Dr. Wu applies a holistic approach to understanding how leaders decide to lead and why followers decide to follow. He has distilled decades of scientific research and turned it into actionable ideas for leaders of all levels.

1.2+ million people have watched Dr. Terry Wu’s Big Think program on consumers’ buying behavior.
Traditional sales and leadership training are broken because they are based on rare anecdotes. Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars produce few reliable results.

Neuroscience-Powered Sales and Leadership Training

Whether it is your leadership team or sales team, Dr. Wu empowers them with science-driven insights through highly customized workshops.

Leaders from a wide range of businesses and organizations have given Dr. Wu’s training high marks. At Vistage, his workshops’ ratings are 4.8/5 for both content and applicability. 100% of his Vistage audience members recommend his workshops.

Keynotes on the Neuroscience of Selling and Marketing

Dr. Wu brings these topics to life and provides the tools that audiences need to put them to work. His audiences always feel inspired after learning the science and gaining more confidence in their work.

Dr. Wu’s keynote talks are ideal introductions to Neuroscience as they relate to marketing, sales, and consumer decisions. In each talk, audiences will learn the Neuroscience research that underlies new ideas and techniques to boost sales by 2-4 times.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker

Empower Sales and Marketing with Science

Scientific research has fundamentally changed our understanding of the human decision-making process.

Humans make about 95% of decisions with little conscious awareness. Our buying decisions are driven by emotions, feelings, and intuition instead of reason and logic.

Dr. Wu has shared his Neuroscience and Neuromarketing expertise through keynote speeches and workshops with business leaders and sales teams. In 2021, Big Think created a program to educate the public about excessive shopping, featuring Dr. Wu exclusively. He reveals Amazon’s secret in getting its customers to buy.

When invited to give a TED Talk in 2019, he compressed the fundamentals of Neuromarketing into a fast-moving 18-minute summary. He used real-world examples to illustrate why this new marketing concept works. He also recommended how you can apply it. You can see his speaking style through his talks and interviews.

Since 2003, he has been working with businesses of all industries and sizes to drive up their sales and marketing conversion rates. Now, your team can get cutting-edge information that your competitors haven’t heard of yet.

Neuroscience Marketing Speaker
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Terry Wu can be the keynote speaker at your next sales conference or corporate event. If you are a Vistage chair, Dr. Wu is a Vistage speaker and available to share his insights with your group. He’ll introduce the latest in the science of decision-making and provide actionable ideas to enhance sales, marketing, and leadership.

Sales and Marketing speakers are not hard to find. Most cherry-pick anecdotes to provide unproven tactics and techniques.

Many speakers and trainers recycle the same outdated ideas. Some talk about science as if they are scientists. Would you trust what they have to say?

Dr. Wu is different. He is a Neuroscientist who understands what motivates consumers to gain trust in companies and what drives people to follow leaders. It’s all about the brain and the unconscious and emotional reasons people make decisions.

Bruce Nustad At our annual Retail Rally conference, Dr. Wu’s style grabbed our audience’s attention right away. And he delivered practical ideas that are easy to understand and fun to learn. The business owners in the audience learned a half dozen ways to improve their connections to customers, prospects, and team members. Terry has a special way of helping non-neuroscientists understand how people receive and process colors, scents, sounds, and our surrounding environments. If you are in the business of connecting with people, Terry’s a leading-edge resource. We hope he will be back to share his new insights with our audience soon. Bruce Nustad, President, Minnesota Retailers Association
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