Neuroscience of Sales and Leadership Training

Neuroscience-Powered Sales Training Workshop

In this workshop, Dr. Wu reveals how to overcome Buyers’ Decision Anxiety, the ultimate roadblock in selling.

He teaches salespeople how to predict and influence buyers’ decisions with science-proven techniques and skills. Unlike traditional sales training that relies on rare anecdotes and personal stories, Dr. Wu uncovers the science behind consumers’ decision-making.

Neuroscience research has shown that nearly 95% of our decisions are driven by unconscious emotions. What is the strongest emotion that a buyer experiences when making a buying decision? It is decision anxiety.

Most salespeople focus on selling. Great salespeople understand Why Customers Buy.

“No one gets fired for buying IBM” is a cliche. It reveals an important truth: buyers experience anxiety when buying. Their fears of having regrets, taking risks, making mistakes, or getting blamed all worsen such anxiety. The anxiety paralyzes their decision-making ability. It shifts their attention to negative outcomes.

Workshop: Apply Neuroscience to Boost Sales

As a seller, how do you reduce buyers’ decision anxiety? Traditional sales training focuses on controlling the conversation, asking questions, handling objections, etc. However, most of those tactics make buyers more anxious.

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Your customers are anxious about making wrong decisions. They worry about choosing the wrong product, brand, or seller. They are not sure if they are paying too much. They wonder if there is a better alternative. Their decision anxiety is what kills most sales.

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Powerful Takeaways:

Emotions serve to minimize our exposure to pain. Many trainers and speakers teach techniques for evoking fear, assuming fear motivates buyers. Fear leads to more anxiety, crippling buyers’ decision-making. Selling on fear is dishonest, counterproductive, and harmful.

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Trainer and Speaker: Apply Neuroscience to Selling

In this science-based, content-rich workshop, Dr. Terry Wu will guide you in applying Neuroscience to your sales and marketing to reduce and eliminate your customers’ decision anxiety. His scientific insights inform you about the Neuroscience behind human emotions and memories. He will help you understand and observe irrational consumer behavior. You will take away many actionable ideas that help your business adjust and adapt to the new norm.

How do you make your products and services memorable? Strong emotions lead to long-lasting memories.

Neuroscience research has demonstrated that emotions and memories shape human decisions. Two crucial brain structures are closely involved in regulating emotions and storing memories. The Amygdala is associated with fear and aggression. It governs both negative and positive emotions. It keeps us from danger and pain. The Hippocampus is responsible for long-term memories. It allows us to learn to avoid pain and to seek pleasure.

The Amygdala and the Hippocampus communicate with each other directly. As a result, how we feel influences what we remember, and what we remember affects how we feel.

How these two brain structures communicate has a lot to do with why those highly emotional memories last a long time. It is crucial to reduce their risk and anxiety by building good memories if your business wants to connect strongly with customers.

Debunking Selling on Fear

The most common sales tactic is to motivate buyers with fear by identifying their pain points. But it is wishful thinking and the quickest way to sabotage a sale. When consumers are fearful and retreating into survival mode, the last thing they care about is what you sell. They overreact to risks. They are on high alert to protect their self-interests.

Fear-based selling doesn’t work. It turns buyers away even faster when their anxiety levels are high.

Another common yet baseless sales technique is to ask questions. The truth of the matter is that when buyers don’t know the questions, they make up answers to avoid more questions. As a result, they become more anxious and confused.

When consumers experience high levels of stress and uncertainty, their decision anxiety becomes stronger. They tend to focus on the negative outcome of a transaction.

In this one-of-a-kind training workshop, you will learn only science-based techniques and skills. Dr. Wu will guide you to explore the science of human decisions and how to apply it to selling. He will make complex research studies very easy to understand. You will feel empowered and inspired. You will have more confidence and robust performance.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker
Craig Espelien If you want to really understand the consumer’s mind and how they make decisions, you need to invite Terry Wu to speak about the Neuroscience of Sales and Marketing. Terry will demonstrate how your actions can influence the consumer decision-making process. He educates his audiences with real-life examples and relatable scientific studies. Terry has opened up a new way to impact your customers’ perceptions of your brand, your products and your services. Too many business leaders, marketers and salespeople focus on the rational decision, while in reality, most of consumer decisions are dependent on emotions, as Terry shows convincingly using Neuroscience evidence. His concepts take you a step further and help you get inside a consumer’s mind – and get there before they have made their decision! Terry’s insights can take your business to the next level of performance. Craig Espelien, President, 1201 Partners