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The insights Dr. Wu provides will help your company use the same Neuroscience research knowledge that is used by highly successful companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook to dominate their industries.

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Dr. Wu’s insights have impacted millions of people around the world. He makes complex science relatable, understandable and actionable.

Over the past two decades, Neuroscience research into consumer decisions has revolutionized marketing and sales at every level and for every industry. The phenomenal success of Amazon and Google is largely due to extensive application of that research. Neuromarketing and the Neuroscience of Sales are based on the emotional and intuitive reasons why people buy and choose brands. Traditional strategies are based on outdated trial-and-error methods that ignore how people’s brains function. Dr. Terry Wu, a thought-leading Neuroscientist, engages audiences and inspires sales and marketing teams through his keynote speeches and talks. His audiences take away brain-aware concepts they can apply to their work through new, science-based methods.

Sales Keynote Speaker Terry really knows his subject and presents a convincing and compelling talk packed with examples and evidence. His premise is that we make most of our decisions subconsciously. And we do! He convincingly argues that we make purchasing decisions primarily based on emotion. As such, our marketing needs to be geared and presented in a form that takes account of this. Terry provides a roadmap that shows what your destination should be and how you can get there by the quickest and most efficient route. If you get the opportunity to hear him speakā€¦do so! It will change the way you look at your sales and marketing. Peter Beaumont, Global Marketer, Author and Speaker
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