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Boost Your Search Experience Optimization, SXO

SEO has become the most commoditized, misunderstood service in marketing. So many companies are paying too much for poor performance. Very often, high rankings don’t generate leads or sales.

SEO has evolved to Search Experience Optimization or SXO.

Google has shifted its focus from keywords to user experience. Today, its search results depend whether a website provides Google users a good experience. Without understanding the science of user experience and consumer decisions, most SEO companies have failed to deliver what they promised.

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Google now focuses on website performance, like download speed and user engagement, in its rankings. The most important measure of user satisfaction is a website’s conversion rate – the percentage of visitors who turn into leads or buyers.

Keynote: Search Experience Optimization with Neuromarketing

Neuroscience research offers crucial insights into user experience and conversion rates. Neuromarketing strategies that promote sales can boost online conversion. By understanding how customers make buying decisions, Neuromarketing has created a roadmap for addressing their wants and needs.

Many marketing companies sell A/B testing, which creates an illusion of doing something useful.

But in reality, most A/B tests are unnecessary, misleading and worthless. Plus they are very expensive and unreliable. you can build an optimized experience by understanding how the brain processes various information.

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Powerful Takeaways

Dr. Wu brings 35 years of Neuroscience research and 20 years of science-based marketing expertise to the podium. Audiences for this keynote address take away these valuable insights and more.

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How to Adapt to Optimizing Search Experience

Dr. Terry Wu began helping companies in every business sector when he started his SEO and marketing company in 2003. Through scientific research of Google search results, he developed a deep understanding of its ranking algorithms. He tracked and studied the frequent algorithm updates. He created unique SEO methods to help his clients reach top rankings.

More importantly, he applies his knowledge of Neuroscience and Psychology to improve their SXO and online conversion.

Most SEO speakers are still telling the same old story. Google understands and employs Neuromarketing in its own business. To understand the new emphasis on user experience requires knowledge about how the brain makes decisions. Dr. Wu brings this lesson home and helps you understand how Google thinks from the Neuroscience perspective. He shares knowledge that gives you a competitive edge online.

Neuroscience SXO Speaker
Neuroscience SEO Workshop Speaker Dr. Terry Wu is an excellent speaker who seamlessly integrates Neuroscience, Psychology, technology, and business. He brought a wealth of knowledge and years of experience from Search Engine Optimization and Neuromarketing to my classroom. The content was extremely informative and rich with real-life examples and details that can only come from first-hand experience and science-based knowledge. He made a highly intelligent and focused presentation with clarity and passion. My students were visibly excited and motivated after listening to his presentation. We look forward to inviting him back to share more insights soon. Professor Hyunjoo Im, University of Minnesota
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