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400,000+ people have watched Dr. Wu’s TED Talk on Neuromarketing.

In May of 2019, Dr. Terry Wu was invited to speak at a TEDx event in Minnesota. His talk “Neuromarketing: the New Science of Consumer Decisions” has been extremely well-received by people around the world.

Make Neuroscience Relatable and Actionable

As you view this 18-minute talk, you’ll get a basic understanding of Neuromarketing and why it is transforming how businesses present their products and services. Based on studies of the brain’s decision-making processes, it applies the results of research to marketing, advertising and sales. The talk is designed to answer these questions.

Dr. Wu has given many keynote speeches and workshop presentations on Neuromarketing to a wide range of organizations. Compressing that complex subject into an 18-minute TED talk was a real challenge. With so little time available, he had to look closely at Neuromarketing and distill it down to its essential elements.

Neuromarketing has been developed over years, through research and studies in the fields of Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Behavioral Economics and Data Science.

Those studies have led to the award of Nobel Prizes in economics. They have generated a solid foundation that is still being expanded through research.

Neuroscience Selling Marketing Speaker

After reviewing the 2-3 decades of research and all that has been learned, Dr. Wu decided to narrow in on the core of this new scientific field.

What is fundamental to Neuromarketing is that our purchase decisions are primarily based on unconscious emotional activity in the brain, rather than rational analysis of information.

In just 18 minutes, you’ll see clear examples of how the brain handles marketing information and decision making. You’ll discover how science explains why we decide as we do. You’ll find many examples of how very successful companies, like Amazon and Google, use our brain’s shortcuts and biases to help them sell more. He will show you why many people misunderstand Neuromarketing and surprise you with revelations about how our minds work.

Neuromarketing Speaker

Neuromarketing is a fact of life today. Business, politics, and even the news media use its techniques regularly. It can be a force that creates changes in many areas, for positive or negative goals. Understanding the subject is crucial for both consumers and business owners. At its best, it makes an impact to help us thrive. It can even make us laugh, as you’ll see in the closing minutes of the talk.

Neuroscience Sales Speaker Trainer No matter what you may be marketing, from a big corp to a personal video or micro-business, Dr. Wu’s principles are applicable. Based on solid science, marketers have tools immediately available to increase the efficacy of their efforts after watching this talk. Dr. Wu’s expertise with marketing is illustrated abundantly in this TED Talk. Through a charming and humorous delivery style Dr. Wu teaches right to the last second. Wait for it!!! Watch it to the end. – Amy Nystrom, Author and Business Owner
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