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Big Think Interview on Reducing Amazon Shopping Addiction

1.1 Million+ people have watched Dr. Wu’s Big Think interview on controlling Amazon addiction.

In a recent interview with Big Think, Neuroscientist Dr. Terry Wu discussed the rapid modern transition from store shopping to online buying. He explained how our brain function dictates our online shopping habits for good or bad.

Exploring the basic functional areas of our brains, we can understand our love-hate relationship with money. Learning various strategies we can use to fully benefit from our new online shopping activities can help avoid suffering from the consequences of abusing them. We find that the Internet marketplace’s easy availability can be a blessing or a curse.

How can we control these internal gremlins that use emotion to guide our over spending online? Dr Wu has some suggestions we can use.

Dr Wu’s brain hacks are a great starting point in making online shopping our helpful servant and not our master.

Online shopping is here to stay as the dominant form of modern commerce. In order to enjoy the benefits and avoid the negative impacts of this new world of shopping, it’s important to understand its dynamics and our role in developing good habits.

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